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Combining  experienced employees with strong partners, we develop optimal solutions for your production technology requirements

About us

We are Ernst Grob AG - a Swiss family-owned business and experienced manufacturers of cold forming and special-purpose machines that creates durable and sustainable solutions for our customers. Our pioneering mentality and decades of experience are the basis for developing innovative and exceptional products. Together with you, we identify optimal solutions through our co-engineering process. Thanks to our expertise, we can master virtually any challenge.


As a leading manufacturer of cold forming and customized machine systems, we establish new industry standards and are committed to sustainable methods of operation. We work closely with you as our partners and respond flexibly to environmental changes and technology advances.


We are your trusted partner specializing in  cold forming and mechanical engineering challenges. Together with you, we develop pioneering products, from conceptual ideas to series production.

Where we come from

The beginnings of today's Ernst Grob AG date back to 1926, when Dr. Ernst Grob founded the Ernst Grob Werkzeug- und Maschinenfabrik in Munich. After handing the company over to his son Burkhart Grob (today's Grob-Werke, Mindelheim) in 1952, he returned to Switzerland.

During his time in Germany, Dr. Ernst Grob was intensely  involved in the development of cold rolling machines for generating  threads by cold forming. The idea of also producing shaft-hub connections using this process finally prompted him to found a new company again at the age of 69.

Following  his death in 1985,  management of the company passed to his grandson Mr. Daniel Dériaz, who is now the owner of the Daniel Dériaz Holding AG (further information can be found here). Since our foundation in Männedorf in 1962, we have consistently expanded our range of cold forming and mechanical engineering services and are now a leading global supplier with Swiss origins.

Images (from left to right): Dr. Ernst Grob, headquarters in Männedorf (today), Ernst Grob Werkzeug- und Maschinenfabrik in Munich, thread rolling machine (1940), facility in Oetwil am See (today), headquarters in Männedorf (1974)

a collage of several images depicting the history of our company

Our strengths

What makes us a leading provider of solutions in the fields of cold forming and mechanical engineering?



We work closely and in partnership with you to develop customized solutions that meet your individual requirements.



By adopting a holistic approach, we can offer you customized solutions that make sense in the long term - over the entire life cycle of the machine.



We are known for our inventive spirit and innovative strength in the development of cold forming and mechanical engineering solutions.



Forming technology and mechanical engineering are our specialties. We are experienced professionals in the field and offer turnkey solutions, unmatched quality and a secure investments.

Careers at Grob

Looking for a career change or wanting to take the first step in your career? We have the right position for you.

Our network

As  part of the Daniel Dériaz Holding AG  can draw on a broad specialist network from across  the holding company. This depth of expertise enables us to tackle and resolve  a broad range of engineering challenges.

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