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External forming

With our Grob cold forming process and Grob intermittent forming, we offer options for the efficient production of complex components. We are establishing new standards in forming technology with our short processing times and low tooling costs combined with the highest splining quality. Find out more about the versatility and efficiency of our processes!

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Internal Forming

Grob internal forming offers you an innovative approach to splining. Stamping the spline from the inside to the outside opens up potentials for designers to adopt new component geometries while maintaining the highest quality. The advantages? Low tooling costs, surface hardening, minimal spline run-out and many more. Let us inspire you - contact us with your component specifications.

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Slotting & Coining

The Grob slotting & coining processes are used to efficiently punch holes and coin cup-shaped sheet metal parts. There are virtually no limits to your creativity with the machine's CNC-programmable axes. Thanks to its modular design, your sheet metal parts can be processed simultaneously at several stations to provide optimal efficiency. Specially developed kinematics allow one and the same tool can perform all the same operations, thereby significantly simplifying the otherwise time-consuming quality assurance process. Read more about our process and contact us with your specific challenge.

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The Grob-spinning process of metal parts is the ideal addition to our range. On the one hand, preforms for the other Grob processes can be produced in a cost-effectively, while parts with rolled grooves or reduced sections can also be produced. Fully interlinked and integrated into the production line - the perfect addition to your machine park.

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